Featured Artists

Below are some examples of the Featured Artist Program

The Vivid Red Featured Artist Program has been temporarily paused. If you would like to participate, simply email info@vividred.com and we will reinstate the program to support you if we are able!

The Featured Artists section of this website is dedicated to help support professional artists with revenue during the COVID-19 outbreak. I am offering this service for FREE to any professional displaced artist that wants to participate as long as they leverage this service to the best of their networking abilities. Please click here to read more about how to participate as a Vivid Red Featured Artist.

Check out the awesome designs and tee shirts below. We are offering this platform for FREE to professional artists who have been displaced or have suffered income loss due to COVID-19. When it comes to garment decoration, the most profitable orders are orders that have bulk quantities that will be printed at the same time. For this reason, we are NOT offering print-on-demand services, but will be collecting orders and will print in bulk at the end of the period so each artist can have maximum profitability. A check for the net profit or Venmo will be sent directly to the artist at the close of the purchasing period. Each order(s) will be shipped via USPSĀ First Class Mail as soon as production for the specific design has completed. Please see our Terms of Service for more information on how this is helping our artists.