Vivid Red is the Personal Business of Hannah Gorman

Hannah Gorman is the Art Director and business manager of the very popular Special Tees in Frederick, Maryland. Vivid Red is about creativity, vision, and supporting others through graphic design, photography, and consulting.

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Special Tees, Vivid Red,
And Frederick Pride

Words from Hannah:

Special Tees is honored to support and the Frederick Center. Special Tees and it's team has had the honor to work with The Frederick Center since 2014. It has been inspiring to see how the efforts of The Frederick Center and the annual Frederick Pride event has impacted the Frederick community year over year. At Special Tees we aim to be there for our community again this year. We are all sad that the beautiful annual Frederick Pride event on Carroll Creek has been cancelled for 2020, but we can all still celebrate Frederick Pride together!

As we geared up all our planning, excitement, and development of this year's concept for Frederick Pride, the dark cloud of Covid-19 loomed heavy. In our industry, we could see so many changes coming down the pipeline and anticipated many events would need to be suspended or cancelled in order to protect each other.  At Special Tees, we feel this is a time where we need to continue to innovate and find more ways to support each other. In light of all things, we decided to build a web platform to support Frederick Pride and our community for free so everyone who would have attended the Frederick Pride event still has the opportunity to purchase awesome keepsake items and apparel celebrating Frederick Pride.

Vivid Red helps Special Tees with ecommerce with Square. The check out and online purchasing infrastructure was already in place for Vivid Red at the advent of Covid-19. Unfortunately, the Special Tees website host has limitations with website check out features. While we all rushed to flex and figure out ways to help clients and engage customers during a pandemic, it made sense to support Special Tees until their website is transitioned to another platform.

I am proud to leverage my personal site to help my community and Special Tees.

The Frederick Pride 2020 design for apparel was designed by Hannah Gorman and used text layout by Christina Renshaw and the "Steeples Design" from the original Frederick Pride logo.



Unity Consciousness Tee

Design by Melissa Olds

Unisex Super Soft Tees with High-Quality Digital Imprint. Great fit for anyone! Available for pick up or shipping. All purchases are made to order and are available to pick up at Special Tees in Frederick, Maryland or will be shipped via USPS first class mail.

You will receive an email notification and phone call confirming when your order has been finished in production and is ready for pick up or has shipped. All proceeds go to the artist.

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Jewel Orchid Alliance Tees

Printed on super soft black tee shirts in full color. Proceeds go towards the Jewel Orchid Alliance. Orders ship within a week.


Vivid Red Services

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all focus at Vivid Red is toward supporting community programs, Thank you for your interest in the other services. Please feel free to reach out with any services related questions to

Graphic Design

Logo creation, brand development, web and media content, and much more


Theme and content photography, photo editing, editorial, commercial, and beyond


Support for individuals, business strategy, constructive project critique, focused on driving your success