Graphic Design

Graphic Design can be good, great, or terrible. Make sure your design is strong, impactful, and represents your vision.

Please check back soon for more information and examples of graphic design! The current focus for this site development is to support professional artists who have been displaced due to COVID-19.

Thank you for your understanding! This page will be updated soon!

Commissioned work for Chuck Tracey at Steadfast Improvements

Tee Shirt Design for A. Mario Loiederman Middle School for the Creative and Performing Arts

Original 420 design for medical cannibis dispensary - used for tee shirts. Brand information and message has been removed to be in alignment with inter-state marketing regulations for the specific industry.

Power 45 Gym Logo and brand development for weight lifting gym.

Fat Bottom Mermaid - Illustration for Chuck Tracey at Steadfast improvements.