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“Vivid Red” is a trademarked and registered d/b/a of Vivid Red Graphic Design. The following User Agreement and Policies is binding on all who access, visit, and use the website, www.vividred.com (“Site”) or engage any services (“Services”) provided by Vivid Red (collectively “the Agreement”). If you choose to continue to visit, access, and use the Site or Services you are in complete acceptance of any changes or revisions to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the Agreement you may not continue to access, visit, and use the Site or Services.

Updates to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy:
Things change over time. We reserve the right to update, change, add, modify or remove portions of this Agreement at any time.

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Age Requirements for the Users

Users of this Site and Service for personal projects must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Users who are younger must be operating in conjunction with an adult, or acting guardian who is responsible per the terms of this Agreement. All Users who act on behalf of institutions, organizations, corporations or small businesses, schools or any other entity of any nature, must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and must be authorized to act on behalf of that entity to design and purchase custom merchandise per the terms of this Agreement.
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We Currently are Only Offering Shipping Within the United States

Right now, we are only offering shipping on any purchases within the United States of America.

Dear Featured Artists: 

I sincerely hope this platform brings you joy and inspiration in this strange time in the world. Art can bring healing, happiness, satisfaction, and success. Below are the Terms of service that I have put together to the best of my ability so you can fully understand how to leverage this platform and achieve success. 

In general, this platform really is most successful for total orders of 100 or more. We have found a way to make it still be successful if you do not reach this threshold, however, the more you promote and sell, the more you succeed. We understand there is a huge risk on our end if you don’t hit this goal. We also are aware that, in some cases, you may not clear 24 units in sales. We ask that all participants do their best to reach at least 24 units in total sales. We will still print any orders that do not have sales of 24 units, but in such cases, we may not cover our own costs and your profitability payment does not start unless you hit 24 units in sales. This is a risk we are willing to accept. Some designs will be VERY profitable, while others may not have the same level of success. It is through the global efforts of all participants that we are willing to take on such risk.

Your information

Vivid Red will be working in conjunction with Special Tees and other third parties to promote this platform and ensure production. Vivid Red, Special Tees and any of it's affiliates will be collectively be referred to as "we" throughout this section. We collect information that you willingly provide us directly through your use our Site, your email interaction, and from third parties. When you use our website or engage our Services via any means or transmission, we collect information you willingly provide so that we have the ability to engage you for the following purposes including but not limited to: communication regarding quotes, art/design details, payment, and order details.

We keep such personal information on your behalf for purpose of fulfilling your needs and building long relationship.

Some of the resources available on our site require personal information including, but not limited to the following: your name, email address, phone number, credit or debit card information, business address, and shipping address (collectively, “Personal Information”). Other forms of personal information include contents of messages sent to us via the Site, Phone, Email or any other transmission. Other information we collect and retain include your order history, customer number, associated order number(s), art approvals, the total balance of your former orders, quote request details, and order details.  

Sometimes we collect information about you from third parties. This situation may occur when corresponding with multiple contacts for an order. We also may collect information from public sources. We may use applications, servers and other services provided by third-party entities, such as Google Analytics, to help improve our Site and Services. These entities may use cookies and other methods of gathering information.

We primarily use your information, and Personal information and/or Content so we can manage your orders effectively from beginning to end. We also leverage your information to manage your account, answer questions, provide solutions to your needs or inquiries, make recommendations based on your indications, preferences and specifications, and for overall communication with you about our Services.  

We also use your information and Personal Information to connect with you regarding seasonal updates, helpful tips, and promotional programs.We may advertise to you through our Site, via email, or via third party websites.

Depending on the type of order you place with us, we may need to provide your personal information or portions thereof to Service Providers or third party service providers, vendors, agents, contractors or others who help us with the completion and fulfillment of your order.

We use your personal information for marketing and advertising purposes so we can provide you with special offers, discounts, and key dates. We use third-party marketing and communications companies to send email marketing and advertisements. Such communication may be based on the personal information you have provided.

We reserve the right to share your information if we become involved in a sale of our assets, or become involved in a merger or acquisition, or if we are transferred to another company, or in the event of bankruptcy. In such events, the surviving party may use your personal information pursuant to it’s own policies.

We may share your information to comply with laws, regulations, legal processes or guidance, and to respond to any government requests.  

Special Tees will never knowingly solicit, nor will we accept personal information from users known to be under thirteen (13) years of age. All Users who act on behalf of institutions, organizations, corporations or small businesses, schools or any other entity of any nature, must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and must be authorized to act on behalf of that entity to design and purchase custom merchandise per the terms of this Agreement.

If you make a purchase, your information will also be shared with team members who are working on behalf of Vivid Red and Special Tees in Frederick, Maryland. As of right now Special Tees is prepared to print all orders. By participating in this platform, you agree to let anyone from Vivid Red or Special Tees contact you via phone, text, email, or DM or other applications, for any reason, without consequence. 

*Stock issues may arise due to warehouse shutdowns across the nation. We will monitor this carefully and will reach out in the event orders would not be able to be fulfilled. Similar quality alternative styles and or similar colors may be substituted. 

When any visitor to this site wants to check out, they will be redirected to Square and Weebly. Weebly is the website platform for Square Processing Online.

Your information may be shared with subcontractors or other third party partners in the screen printing and graphic design industry. With the pandemic causing changes in the world on an hourly or daily basis, it is critical that we make sure your order is printed and shipped. We have several contingency plans in place to make sure production and shipping is executed flawlessly. Any information shared with third party subcontractors or designers working on your proofs, will be kept confidential and is only necessary for managing your order and shipping.

Fans or followers of the site may promote you, your artwork, and this platform. We are not responsible for what the public does and how it may engage others regarding such. By participating, you understand and agree that the public is out of our control.

Special Tees reserves the right to send you promotional emails. You have the option to be removed from this list at any time, but you probably shouldn’t. They offer a wide range of screen printing, embroidery, and promotional products services and screen printing and embroidery orders of 24 or more ship for free across the nation. ALSO, as a thank you for supporting a Featured Artist, you automatically get 10% off any standard orders you would like to place now through the end of the 2020 year. This special offer also extends to you for a personal order, but you can also send this to any other friend or business. This special discount is only applicable for "one-time use" on standard orders placed by new clients on their first-time order. Please reference the Feature Artist(s) you supported through this program. If you heard about this special discount from a friend, please let us know who referred you and what artist they supported. Special 10% Discount may not be applied with other discounts or coupons.

Vivid Red reserves the right to send you promotional emails. You have the option to be removed from this at any time, but you probably shouldn’t get rid of us. We are planning big things including expansion into screen printed posters and other unique promotional items. AND, we are going to offer this service ongoing throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and possibly beyond!

Please Promote Featured Artists, This Program and Platform, Please Cite and Give Credit

This Featured Artists program and platform may provide much needed income for professional artists who have been displaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now many consumers do not have disposable income, but there are also many folks out there who are still working and want to contribute. You can support Featured Artists by sharing and promoting them online and via all forms of social media and/or by making a purchase(s), Please be sure to cite/reference the artist of any design you post. it is incredibly important to reference the artist in as many ways as possible to give them credit and help promote their works. Please be sure to call out and reference this program as well.

For more information, please see Featured Artists Terms of Service and the rest of the Terms of Service below'

Hashtag, Links, and Crediting Featured Artists

Since we are taking extra steps to provide this platform for free to Featured Artists and we will be posting and providing them with content for their social media and website for free, we respectfully ask in return that all Featured Artists and participants tag us in any posts you make. This is greatly appreciated because any exposure ultimately also helps exposure for the Featured Artists and sales of designs will ultimately help with payroll income for those working on production for your order(s). Please feel free to repost ANYTHING YOU SEE FROM US.


Instagram: @vividred_designs
Facebook: @Vivid.Red.Graphic.Design

Instagram and Facebook: @specialteesmd


Please reference the artist by referencing the following in your post:
Artist Name, link to artist, tag artist, and any other information that gives as much credit as possible to the artist.

Ordering Period per Design

We recommend a 2-week to 30 day window so Featured Artists can promote and sell their designs. The selling period is defined by the Featured Artist. Featured Artists can extend their ordering period at any time. We will not allow any designs to go longer than 45 days. We don't want purchasers to get antsy and worry they will never get their tee shirt!

We are using the "Fundraising Platform" to help artists sell their designs on quality garments. There is zero cost to the artist. In other words, there is no out of pocket costs. All the artist needs to do is email artwork in the correct format with contact information. We will then create a mock up based on the artist direction. We will feature the artwork on the site and will send links to the individual designs AND the collective submitted designs so the artist can promote the sales of the specific design for the determined period of time or they can promote the entire platform via social media, email and on their website.

When it comes to garment decoration, the most profitable orders are orders that have bulk quantities that will be printed at the same time. For this reason, we are NOT offering print-on-demand services, but will be collecting orders and will print in bulk at the end of the defined selling period. Each artist will have 30 days to promote the sales of their designs/garments, but if they wish to have a narrower window (such as 2 weeks) or if they want to extend to 45 days, we are happy to honor whatever timeline is requested.

At the end of the determined fundraising period ordering will be disabled and each design will head into production. A report will be sent to the artist showing the total sales and a check for the profit will be mailed directly to each artist. Upon completion of production of the artists design, each individual order will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail.

Each artist has the opportunity to set their sale price points. We recommend each artist sell their shirts for $20-$25ea because this is a high-quality garment with high-quality printing, and an amazing design by an amazing artist. It is up to the artist to choose their price point. The net profit from each shirt sold will be mailed directly to the artist via check as soon as the sales window closes.

You Define Your Price Point/Shirt information

We chose a high-quality tee for this project that is soft and great for Men and Women. At Special Tees, we have noticed a huge trend in the garment decoration industry that has shifted from the basic boxy cheapest tee shirt, to the nicer, softer, "retail-esque" fit tee shirt. These days the average person wears the shirt that feels great on their body more often than they wear other shirts. We want your shirts to be a favorite shirt that you will want to wear all the time.

We have chosen the Bella Canvas 3001C and 3001 CVC. The 3001C is a huge favorite among our clients and also at Special Tees. It is a ringspun semi-light weight "retail-esqe" fit unisex tee that has enough structure for men, but still has a nice drape on the torso for women. It is not too thin, and it is not too thick. The 3001C is 100% cotton and has a wide range of solid colors available. The 3001CVC is the sibling of the 3001C but the colors available are all heathered and has percentages of polyester mixed in with the cotton to give it a heathered look. 
Click Here to view shirt color options and ink color options.

At Special Tees, we love printing on this shirt all day long. The weave of the fibers in this shirt are tight and the surface is smooth even though it is soft. This allows for a nice smooth feel to the imprint. When working with thousands of shirts each day, each week, we notice trends in brands and styles when it comes to quality. We have to look and inspect shirts for holes and other potential defect issues all the time. Many brands have consistent quality issues and thus the production team has to stay sharp and look for these issues so they don’t get shipped out the door. We have noticed the 3001C and the 3001CVC rarely have any such quality issues and for this reason, we feel your purchasers are going to feel the value when it hits their hands.

One Shirt Option Levels the Playing Field and Keeps it Simple
We felt the best way to keep things simple would be to allow for one shirt style that both men and women can appreciate with a one-color imprint. This also helps keep production moving rapidly for fulfillment and keeps everything steam-lined for success. Ensuring each artist is offering the same shirt style also levels the playing field and keeps the focus around the design rather than about the garment options.

We may open the door for other garment options in the future as this program progresses over time, but for now we want to Keep It Simple!
A Note from Hannah: We don’t want to eliminate or exclude anyone from participating or ordering, but the truth is women’s cut garments typically cost more and sizes beyond 3XL also cost much more. I know, I’m a woman. It’s a bummer. But I love these shirts even though they aren’t women’s cut. Since this platform and program is about the profitability of the featured artist, it makes sense that we stay focused and streamlined for now. I appreciate your understanding with this limitation!

Quality Assurances
Special Tees produces high quality long-lasting screen printing. We primarily use Wilflex plastisol inks which, when printed correctly, stand the test of time. We recommend to all consumers and participants to take care in laundering your favorite tee shirt. Washing and drying on Hot, will naturally breakdown any garment or imprint over time. Because we are not in control of the wear and care of garments after they are released into the wild, we cannot ensure the life of the imprint or the garment, but we can say that our customers and clients have raved about our long lasting prints and quality for years.

Cotton Notice: Any products that include cotton, even pre-shrunk cotton, can still shrink in the wash if laundered with heat. No returns or refunds will be issued for any reason if the garment has been laundered. With this said, if any purchaser or consumer feels there should be special consideration for any reason, they can always email info@vividred.com within 1 week (7 calendar days) of receipt of their item. Any concerns will be reviewed and be handled on a case by case basis.

Colors May Appear Slightly Different In Real Life
Please note: Any shirt colors or ink colors used may appear differently in real life. In real life many color spectrums affect how we view and experience color(s). Computers, phones and other devices are limited to RGB. Similarly each computer or device out there has different color calibrations in that the same image may look differently on your computer than on your cell phone, then on someone else's device. Screen brightness can also affect this as well. Additionally, we rely on the images of garment colors supplied by the garment manufacturer. The calibration of the camera or the lighting of the space used to photograph the garment for the manufacturer directly affects the way the color of the garment looks or appears on screen. We do our best to create proofs as accurately as possible, to the proof or mock up shown, but also want give full disclosure that some appearances may appear slightly different in real life.

Consumers are responsible for ordering their size. We have provided a sizing chart with recommendations so each person can be sure to order the size best for them. By participating in this program, the consumer/purchaser assumes all responsibility for ordering the size they want. Refunds or exchanges are not approved for any orders where the purchaser ordered the wrong size. Additionally there can be no refunds or exchanges if the consumer/purchaser does not like the cut or fit. With this said, if any purchaser or consumer feels there should be special consideration for any reason, they can always email info@vividred.com within 1 week (7 calendar days) of receipt of their item. Any concerns will be reviewed and be handled on a case by case basis.

No Refunds, Returns, or Exchanges. Because this is a platform intended for providing income for others, we do not have the ability to provide returns or refunds FOR ANY REASON. By participating in this program you as the consumer/purchaser understand this policy. With this said, if any purchaser or consumer feels there should be special consideration for any reason, they can always email info@vividred.com within 1 week (7 calendar days) of receipt of their item. Any concerns will be reviewed and be handled on a case by case basis.

A note from Hannah: If you want to maximize the life of your shirt and imprint, we recommend washing your shirts on cool or cold and hanging dry. This is what I do. Laundering your favorite garments on cool/cold also prevents any shrinking and saves energy. If your shirt has a back imprint, avoid wearing your favorite shirt in conditions that will physically rub the imprint repeatedly. For example, if you drive trucks or if you are a leaf blower with a big pack you wear on your back all day, you probably want to avoid wearing your favorite shirt that has a back imprint.

Stock, Changes due to Unforeseen circumstances or Availability
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to stock or warehouse functionality of the chosen garment/color availability may not be possible. In such cases we will work with the artist to choose a similar color option that can still fulfill any orders. If there are any issues with fulfilling any purchased orders, someone from Vivid Red or Special Tees may reach out to confirm a shirt color change. In the event you cannot be reached in a timely manner (1-2 business days from our first outreach, Vivid Red and Special Tees reserves the right to replace your garment with an alternative similar color chosen by the artist or a similar high quality garment in the same color. By purchasing a shirt, you agree and understand that in some cases a equal quality substitute may be necessary due to stock issues or warehouse closures that are out of our control.

Potential to Dissolve or Delay this Program
In the event Hannah Gorman, Owner and operator of Vivid Red and Director of Special Tees, becomes infected and succumbs to illness resulting in required down time to recover, there may be delays to the execution of this project. In this event, we ask all artists and participants and consumers to be flexible until she recovers. There are contingency plans in place, but there still could be delays. Viivid Red and Hannah Gorman reserves the right to terminate this program at any time. Should extreme situations arise, any purchases on designs that still have the ordering window open, will be refunded to the purchaser. In such an event no artist payouts will be possible for that design because the refunds will have to be issued.

A note from Hannah: I sincerely hope I do not get sick and I also hope I am here on the Earth for a long time beyond this pandemic, but no one knows the future. I have others prepared to help move this forward in my absence, but it all may need to be closed down if an extreme situation arrises. If this happens I have directions provided for ensuring any funds are returned for any orders that cannot be fulfilled.

Production of Your Order

Folks who order design(s)/garment(s) will be receiving a screen printed garment with the Featured Artists design. Production time will "begin" within 1-3 business days of the closing date or the defined ordering period for your purchase. If many orders close their ordering period at the same time, we anticipate about a 1-2 week production period. If this platform has more than 100 participating Featured Artists, some orders may take a little longer to produce due to high capacity. Orders will be printed on a first come/first serve basis. I think we can handle it! We are so excited to print these!

Many folks don’t know what "production" means. Production entails the following (and much more): 
1. Create the digital output file - This is where we make sure your artwork will print properly
2. Print the physical film(s) necessary to make a quality print - We also double check each film to make sure it will produce a quality imprint. Appropriate Screen(s) necessary will need to be coated with emulsion. *Some single color designs may require more than one screen for a quality imprint. - Using the right type of screen is critical to production success and quality.
3. Once the Screens that have been coated cure, we will then need to Expose and rinse out the stencil - it is important that screens are coated properly to ensure a quality imprint. It is crazy how tedious this gets, but it it true. Science!!!
4. The Screen(s) are then loaded into the press, then the appropriate squeegees, and we print a few test prints to ensure the imprint location, opacity of ink, and other production details. Once we have the quality and imprint approved, we then print the order. 
5. After printing, your screen is removed from press, and the ink is cleaned off the screen and any other printing parts/machine parts. The press is then reset for the next print job. 
6. When the order has been completed we then have to fold and place each individual shirt in a poly liner bag. This is where it gets extra tedious. Imagine folding 100 shirts perfectly so they fit in a 9x12 bag. Now imagine shoving that carefully folded floppy floppy shirt into a plastic static shock inducing bag. Now imagine doing that 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times...OK… don’t worry, we are doing this so you don’t have to. You are super welcome.
7. Each bag is then labeled with a size sticker
8. Once the order has been separated and poly bagged, we then need to print shipping labels for each individual order. 
9. We then take each label and corresponding invoice and apply it to every bagged garment
10. After that, it mails via USPS First Class Mail, which arrives 1-3 business days anywhere in the US once production has been completed.

A side note from Hannah: Can you imagine having 300 designs (100 units or more each) that need to go to production all around the same time? We can. It is going to be nuts! We can’t wait. It is going to be a lot of work, but we are ready to dive in. It is going to be so awesome! Since we cannot print every order immediately this is why the production process and timeline takes about 1-2 weeks.

Multiple Orders May be Shipped Separately

Each design is going to be printed in bulk after the close of the ordering period. Some designs will be printed on different days and for this reason orders will be shipped individually upon completion.

Flat Rate Shipping Via USPS First Class Mail

We have done some research and found that shipping each individual order via USPS First Class Mail is the most cost effective way to ship your shirt. Pricing can range on costs associated with USPS First Class Mail depending on location and ounces associated with the weight of the shirt. For example shipping to the West Coast of the USA will cost more than shipping within Maryland. Additionally, shipping a 3XL will also cost more than shipping a size small. In several cases shipping will cost us more than the flat rate of $5 that is being charged at check out, but other cases it will be less. We felt the $5 flat rate was the easiest way to balance this out across the board for everyone. If you know of a better way to ship individual shirts for less, please let us know by emailing info@vividred.com.

Ecommerce Via Square and Weebly

When any visitor to this site wants to check out, they will be redirected to Square and Weebly. Weebly is the website platform for Square Processing Online.

Maryland Sales Tax

In accordance with the State of Maryland, where this business is locates, Maryland Sales Tax will be applied to all orders placed and shipped within the state of Maryland. If you are placing this order from a different state and the order is shipping to a different state, sales tax will not apply at this time.

Third Party Functionality with this Website

Some of our third party sites and interactive tools may operate using cookies, LSO (local storage objects) or other systems in order to function effectively. Vivid Red and Special Tees is not responsible for the Third Party Linked Sites and services, including, without limitation any linked site within a linked site or any updates to a Linked Site.

We encourage any users who link to other sites to review the terms of the third party. You can work with your Internet browser or other software to control how you interact with regard to Cookies. Disabling cookies may affect, limit, or prevent interaction with the Third Party Linked Sites. Using the Linked Sites is entirely at your own risk.

Information provided to third parties for the completion and fulfillment of your order is subject to that third-party’s practices and policies.

Below is a list of Third Party Sites that function with this website and our other services include but are not limited to the following.
Webflow, Sqare, Weebly, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Gmail, Dropbox, Typeform, Venmo

Prop 65

Thank you for working with Vivid Red and Special Tees. In order to provide full disclosure, knowledge, and support to all, we have provided the information below in order to be compliant with Proposition 65 and the state requirements of California. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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