Shirt Sizes, Shirt Colors, and Ink Colors

For the Featured Artists, we have chosen the Bella Canvas 3001C and 3001 CVC. The 3001C is a huge favorite among our clients at Special Tees. It is a ringspun semi-light weight "retail-esqe" fit unisex tee that has enough structure for men, but still has a nice drape on the torso for women. It is not too thin, and it is not too thick. The 3001C is 100% cotton and has a wide range of solid colors available. The 3001CVC is the sibling of the 3001C but the colors available are all heathered and has percentages of polyester mixed in with the cotton to give it a heathered look.

Be Sure to Choose the Size Best for You!

Ink Color options

Black 190

National 430

Scarlet 420

Cardinal 458

Burgundy 486

Maroon 454

White 232

Red 400

Blaze 380

Dolphin 304

Ath.Gold 800

Yellow 810

Forest 702

Kelly 700

Dallas 705

Flo. Green 902

Blacklight 759

Safety 900

Aqua 680

Turquoise 753

Bright Blue 606

Columbia 607

621 Royal

Marine 678

Koala 248

Spice 238

Gray 146

Dk Gray 595

Deacon 604

Navy 661

Electric 900RX

Magenta 907

Flo. Purple 908

Lt. Purple 502

Grape 504

Cream 749